Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's a Girl Thing!

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What could be better than a girls' day out weekend with my daughters!  They drove home Friday night and we watched TV and indulged in Ben and Jerry's ice cream and talked and laughed and talked some more!  There is nothing like waking up lazily on Saturday, spending the morning in our pj's -- catching up on laundry and House Hunter's International and savoring Ash's delicious French Toast.  Then it was off to Monterey -- first stop Target for practical things like light bulbs and a computer mouse, until Ash squealed, "Hey, those are my favorite kind of gloves," and Lys started trying on hats.  Not so practical, but their Christmas wish lists have been started. Lunch at Island Burger at Del Monte Center was next - their Hawaiian burgers, dripping with teriyaki sauce and loaded with pineapple, are fabulous!  (As you can see, food seemed to have a big part in our weekend.)

Then it was time for Bath and Body Works so we could stock up on all the delicious winter hand soaps and moisturizers.  It's a girl thing, but we love those pump soap dispensers and they smell so pretty.

Macy's was the next stop where our intention was simply window-shopping and getting ideas for Christmas.  But then we discovered they were having a fantastic sale on handbags --  we had a contest for whose bag looked the rattiest and decided that all three of us really needed new ones!  So each one of us walked out with a new purse.  We were so happy with our choices -- a red (looks pink here but it's a dark red) leather bag with a leather ruffle on it for Ash, a black hobo bag with a studded bow on it for Lys, and a sleek black bag with just the right combo of pockets and right length strap for me!
Red by Marc Ecko Handbag, Dusk Till Dawn Ruffled Hobo Bag Red By Marc Ecko Handbag, Bownanza Hobo

Evening rolled in and we ended up at the movie theater to watch the suspenseful "Argo" movie -- very good -- and then drove home to 70's rock and roll blaring through the car speakers.

They had to go back home Sunday morning -- and I miss them already!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

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