Thursday, October 28, 2010

For the Love of Baseball

For as long as I can remember someone in my family has been a baseball fan. When I was young, growing up in Ohio, my older brother was devoted to the Detroit Tigers. He collected baseball cards throughout his life and I remember his favorite player was Rocky Colavito. Later in life Jack opened his own sportscard and memorabilia shop. He and my dad continued their love of sports and even I have an assortment of old baseball cards.

Baseball is one of those all American games -- something we've all played in school, easy to understand, enough action that it doesn't drag (though that can be a matter of opinion, according to some of my family members), but enough lulls that you can go get a snack and not feel you missed the major game changes.

World Series fever has captured me this year. Perhaps it's because the SF Giants are so close to home, my daughters now live in San Francisco so it seems like "our team", Americans need something uplifting to watch. Regardless of who wins, both the Rangers and the Giants are coming from behind -- typical American story. So here's to mom's homemade pie and baseball!


(Note: The photo above was taken in San Francisco last weekend. We went to the mall and the line you see looping around was just to get into the SF Giants Dugout store to buy souvenir hats, jackets, and memorabilia.)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beach Blanket Babylon

Sunday I drove up to the City (San Francisco) and spent the day with my daughters. We went to lunch and then to the rambunctious musical "Beach Blanket Babylon". This campy show has some excellent vocalists performing parodies of popular songs through the last half century and ridiculous impersonations of celebrities and politicians. It's all topped off (forgive the pun) with outrageously HUGE hats and hair! Here is a taste:

Beach Blanket Babylon commercial

We went to the mall for Starbucks after the production and the SF Giants regalia was out in full force on the streets and in the stores in anticipation of the World Series starting tomorrow night! Go Giants!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last Thursday I flew down to Southern California to stay with my dad for a few days. He had to have a cardiac procedure on Friday and needed someone to take him to the hospital and stay with him for a few days afterward. Armed with Bronte's thick "Villette" and my camera, I entertained myself during the waiting periods and made myself useful the remaining time. Dad is doing just fine and the test results were better than we'd hoped. He was able to resume normal activity, including driving, by Monday. We had some much-needed rain and it was overcast when he dropped me off at the airport for my return home.
Little did I know the tremendous treat awaiting me on the plane!

Lift off...
Good-bye to Southern California.
Into the clouds.
Everything turned pure white for a few minutes...
but when I looked out the window again
we were above the clouds!

I couldn't help but think of the reflective Joni Mitchell song, "Both Sides Now."

"Rows and flows of angel hair
"And ice cream castles in the air"
"And feather canyons everywhere"
"I've looked at clouds that way.
"But now they only block the sun
they rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
But clouds got in my way."

(Now this part of the song didn't fit -- as you can see the sun was in full force, and my mind kept reverting to the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun".)
"I've looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It's cloud illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds at all."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Light Keepers

My sister made this very special bookmark for me last Christmas. She sent it to me in a little wrapped box with a beautiful explanation:

"This bookmark or keepsake was made especially for you. I choose the color turquoise since it is the birthstone for December. The color is supposed to have a soothing, calming effect, it also promises peace.

"The dove is the deepest symbol of peace and faith. The dove represents the Holy Spirit and reminds us there is always hope.

"Your keepsake would not have been complete without a lighthouse. I remember you telling me your late husband loved lighthouses. I hope when you look at it you are reminded of him and wonderful memories. With the lighthouse comes the light keepers legacy of courage and inspiration always looking out for the welfare of others. The lighthouse serves as a guide to ships at sea. Christ, the lighthouse, represents His light to the world.

"And finally, the cross. A reminder of the resurrection and sacrifice made for us."

I love the idea of the light keepers legacy. It is a part of my heritage, my values, my spirituality to believe that we are to live meaningful lives, helping one another in our journeys. The book "The Purpose Driven Life" resonated with me on many levels. I started attending a different church this year. We have an excellent, upbeat pastor who delivers sermons that the modern man and woman can relate to. I enjoy this church, too, because they are all about serving others, feeling connected, having a sense of purpose. I've examined my beliefs carefully over the past couple of years. It all comes down to faith. Some question God's existence, turning to science and big bang theories and evolution. If you do a little research you will find scientists who believe in both: some scientific theories and the existence of God. I can't prove God's existence, but I know it in my heart, in the consistent history of answered prayers, in the eyes of my children. I chose to follow God.