Saturday, October 2, 2010

Light Keepers

My sister made this very special bookmark for me last Christmas. She sent it to me in a little wrapped box with a beautiful explanation:

"This bookmark or keepsake was made especially for you. I choose the color turquoise since it is the birthstone for December. The color is supposed to have a soothing, calming effect, it also promises peace.

"The dove is the deepest symbol of peace and faith. The dove represents the Holy Spirit and reminds us there is always hope.

"Your keepsake would not have been complete without a lighthouse. I remember you telling me your late husband loved lighthouses. I hope when you look at it you are reminded of him and wonderful memories. With the lighthouse comes the light keepers legacy of courage and inspiration always looking out for the welfare of others. The lighthouse serves as a guide to ships at sea. Christ, the lighthouse, represents His light to the world.

"And finally, the cross. A reminder of the resurrection and sacrifice made for us."

I love the idea of the light keepers legacy. It is a part of my heritage, my values, my spirituality to believe that we are to live meaningful lives, helping one another in our journeys. The book "The Purpose Driven Life" resonated with me on many levels. I started attending a different church this year. We have an excellent, upbeat pastor who delivers sermons that the modern man and woman can relate to. I enjoy this church, too, because they are all about serving others, feeling connected, having a sense of purpose. I've examined my beliefs carefully over the past couple of years. It all comes down to faith. Some question God's existence, turning to science and big bang theories and evolution. If you do a little research you will find scientists who believe in both: some scientific theories and the existence of God. I can't prove God's existence, but I know it in my heart, in the consistent history of answered prayers, in the eyes of my children. I chose to follow God.

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