Thursday, January 1, 2009


It's New Year's Day -- do you know where your resolutions are? This is one of my favorite days of the year! I love fresh starts, making plans, moving forward. My resolution list is still a work in progress. I reviewed my resolutions from last year and realized I only hit a couple of them ~ so I tried to figure out how to re-word those I didn't achieve. Ash and Lys told me that I can't trick myself that way -- saying I want to lose weight by any other name is simply, well, lose weight. However, as we discussed this resolution list concept (while in the car between dinner at Olive Garden and the movie theater we had arrived at much too early last night), we concluded that it doesn't work to say you are going to exercise every day -- if you can't for some reason, you don't want to feel you've broken your resolution. Someone finally suggested that it should be "learn to love exercise". Now that is a concept. Learn to love exercise, love eating healthy foods, love drinking lots of water, love passing up dessert because of the feeling of self-respect..... Hmmm. Might be on to something here. And for those who don't make new year's resolutions -- bah humbug. What a missed opportunity to examine's one life and determine areas where we might be able to set some goals, make a fresh start, improve ourselves.

We had a cozy New Year's Eve. I know the day is coming when my now college-aged girls will have moved away and will celebrate with their friends, but for now they kindly still include Mom in the picture. We saw the movie Benjamin Button which was quite an odd movie. I enjoyed the movie Doubt that Ash and I saw on Monday much more. Anyway, we came home in time to catch some TV specials and watch the big ball drop in New York. I'm optimistic about 2009.

Christmas was nice. Ash is home from college for another week and a half. I had to take my dad back to the airport on Sunday, but we always enjoy his company Christmas week. I bought the girls a wii for Christmas and we have all enjoyed our golf, bowling, and boxing tournaments.

Wishing you a happy New Year!