Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pacific Grove

Ash and Lys came down for the weekend -- usually one or the other comes down about once a month, so it's a real treat when they can both manage to come home for the same weekend!   At night and in the morning, we pad around the house in our pajamas, catching up on their laundry (so much cheaper and more convenient to do a couple loads here than in their apartment laundromat) and watching old favorite TV shows.  I made french toast for breakfast and even had some powdered sugar on hand to sprinkle over the top.  We snuggled under our oh-so-soft throw blankets, comforted by the homey sound of the furnace humming (yes, the nights are getting down into the 40's),  Lame jokes and gossip were exchanged, and before I knew it, they were packing up their car to drive back to the city Sunday evening. 

Ash was busy Saturday night, so Lys and I drove into the cute oceanfront town of Pacific Grove and walked around, then went to see the movie "50/50."  There are some quaint Victorian houses in PG and one of my favorite bookstores, "The Works."

Sunday we went to Cannery Row in Monterey, enjoying brunch at El Torito and picking up chocolate bars at Ghiradelli Chocolates.  The large arched windows overlook the Monterey Bay so an offshore scuba diving lesson kept us entertained while we ate. From there we headed to the shopping center, then to see the movie, "The Rum Diary."  
And on the way home -- a rainbow!
Thanksgiving is just around the corner now and we're looking forward to celebrating it in San Francisco this year.