Sunday, June 29, 2014

An Evening at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach

Last month a friend and I attended a benefit for the Veterans Transition Center, and to our surprise we won some of the raffles we entered.  One of the items I won was a $100 gift certificate for dinner at Sticks restaurant at the Spanish Bay Inn in Pebble Beach.  Ash and Lys were home for the weekend so we decided to make it an evening and it was wonderful!  We arrived and walked down the flower bedecked entrance to the clubhouse.
Passing through the pro shop, we found seats around the firepits on the back deck -- just in time to watch the bagpiper make his nightly rounds.
The sun was shining, the ocean was glistening, the ocean breeeze brushed our skin, and the mesmerizing sound of the bagpipes mixed with waves crashing filled our ears.  After about 15 minutes, he walked away, over the hill, still playing a tune.  After the sound drifted away we found our way into the restaurant and were seated in the corner window with the view of the ocean.  I ordered the lemon chicken with potatoes and asparagus spears and was taken back when I realized the size of the portions!  But that did not deter us from ordering dessert!  Ash had the creme brulee which she said was delicious.  Lys and I had the skillet cooked chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and fruit on top.  Everything was melt in your mouth perfection!
After dinner, we took a walk to the beach, following partly paved, partly boardwalk paths.
 Spanish Bay Inn on the hill...
 Wildflowers bloomed along the way...
Pebbles at Pebble Beach...
When we lived in Pebble Beach several years ago, I walked down a golf course path every evening.  It came out at a small cove which I dubbed "my beach."  This place has tremendous meaning for me in my life.  This is where I went after my mom died, where I mourned, remembered, reflected, and fed my soul.  This is where I sat to figure out life, mediate, and center myself.  It will always hold a special place in my heart.
 Getting closer to "my beach"....
 The reflective waters of "my beach"...
We drove by the house where we used to live, not too far from Spanish Bay Inn, and I took these pictures of the path I walked.  This is directly behind the house where we lived -- where I walked out the door and started my daily walk to my beach....
 Often deer and fox are spotted in this area...
 Memories -- old and new -- made this a very special evening.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Spring Slide Into Summer

Lest you think I dropped off the face of the earth, here in brief are some of the things that have been filling my days as spring slipped into summer.

My daughters' place in San Francisco is my home away from home and I've spent three weekends and various just-for-the-day visits there so far this year.  One weekend we walked out the front door and down a few blocks to a farmer's market to pick up delicious fruits and veggies.
We breakfasted at a cute little crepe cafe with such fabulous food there was a line to get in.  Decisions, decisions....
Another time we went to a One Republic Concert at Shoreline Amphitheater.  It was the perfect night!  Daylight surrounded us when we arrived, but turned to twilight and soon we were "Counting Stars" (One Republic fans will understand that one!).  Loved how the tent over the stage blended with the sky as dusk fell.
One Republic was great -- very talented musicians, and we noticed they seem to appeal to many age groups.

Then there was the Giants game at AT&T Park a couple of weeks ago!  
 We walked through the Willie Mays Gate
 and found our seats, up high but with a beautiful view of the bay...
 and the famous coke and glove made for a "giant."

We are enthusiastic Giants fans and were tickled to see 
legendary Stan Lee throw the first ball (below).  
We happened to be seated in a section across from a traveling group of 400 Mets fans who were soooo loud and quite honestly rather obnoxious throughout the game.  Could hardly hear ourselves think for the ruckus they raised.  The Giants trailed behind throughout the game and they were not going to let us forget it.  However, in the 9th inning, our boys passed up the Mets and won the game.  I confess, the victory was even sweeter given what we had to put up with throughout the game.

Besides the usual reading ,writing and speech "therapying," other things that have filled my time as spring slipped into summer included...

~Going hat shopping in Carmel with a friend at the Carmel Hat Shop (just click on the link and take a virtual visit), then wearing them to dine al fresco at Forge in the Forest 

~Speaking at a June Tea event and wearing my new hat!

~Spending time with friends and family

~Attending the photography club and becoming enthused about becoming a more skilled photographer!

~Enjoying fresh flowers that I've had the pleasure of receiving from various friends and occasions

~Savoring fresh fruits and salads, appreciating exercise routines, and lining up those tiresome but necessary dentist and doctor checkups

~Enjoying my doggies and my kitties.  Although unrelated, since Scarlet was a baby kitten when I brought her home she thought Violet was her mama. Violet rose to the occasion and has been very maternal toward her, snuggling and grooming her. You have to admit, they're adorable.
 Such are the days of our lives!