Monday, September 26, 2011

The Legion of Honor

Yesterday Ash, Lys and I decided to explore a museum in San Francisco that we hadn't been to yet -- The Legion of Honor.  This beautiful example of neoclassical French architecture sets on a hilltop in Lincoln Park with views of the city on one side, the Golden Gate Bridge on another, and the ocean on yet another. We had to park down the road away but enjoyed the scenic walk overlooking the golf course and vistas.

 Majestic horses and riders statues stand guard:
It is such a lovely setting that we saw four different brides and grooms having photos taken here and there in the courtyard.
There was a lovely display of Dutch and Flemish Masterpieces and we all fell in love with these colorful paintings that captured the essence of the people of their time -- with Dutch blood in our veins, our imaginations were captivated with the scenes of everyday life.
 Exquisite detail on some of the furniture made us appreciate the workmanship:
Our day began with lunch at Olive Garden and a little shopping and ended at Starbucks, resting our feet and enjoying one last tidbit of each other's company before I headed home.  I love spending time with my daughters!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Murphy's Law

September is drawing to a close on a much more peaceful note than it started in our family.  The end of August and beginning of September brought daily dilemnas including:
* Ash's car was rear-ended, pushing her car into the car in front of her -- we are still fighting with the other guy's insurance company to get the repairs paid for.
* I woke up to the fluttering of a bat in the bedroom one night -- eek!  Not again!  I had to have the "batman" out to get it out of the room (with rabies testing to follow --thankfully it was rabies free).  We are working with a bat company now to rehome the bats that seem to like my roof with the result of one sneaking into the house at night when I let the dogs out.
* Happily doing my housework I noticed a strange smell from the dishwasher coming from the dishwasher -- hot wires.  It went kaplooey and I had to spend an afternoon at Sears dishwasher shopping so my old one could retire.
* Dad and the police department called me one day at work to say his brand new, rather pricey,  bicycle had been stolen. 
* Lys called me one morning to say her car wouldn't start at all.  Good ol' AAA towed her to a mechanic and they got the car in running order but provided a long list of $1500 worth of recommended repairs.  So we were faced with the decision of whether to invest in the older car or put the money toward a newer used car with fewer miles.  She opted for the later and after a couple days of shopping, test driving and negotiating, she is now back on the road in her new used car.

Issues finally resolved (except for Ash's car saga), things are settling into a nice routine again.  Summer weather is still here, but I heard the patter of rain on the roof last night for the first time in weeks.  Today I am getting out the autumn decorations for my house and doing some fall housecleaning.  I'm getting the oil changed in my car, having a pedicure and then meeting a friend for coffee later today.  September is here!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: E

Time to move on to the letter of E in the Encyclopedia of Moi.  The first one is easy!

Elephants -  I've been a fan of these magnificent animals for years.  It started back in high school when I began collecting them.  One of the highlights of my trip to Kenya was visiting the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust -- dedicated to saving elephants and black rhinos.  What fun to pet their rough backs, watch them wrestle and wallow in the pond, and take bottles of milk from their dedicated caregivers.  The caregivers live with the elephants and provide such a service!  Consider helping these precious animals!  I was foster mom to Sinya who was rescued from a well.  Read her story here:  Sinya.

Easter - Spring! Easter lilies, beautiful pastel colors, baby animals, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Easter is full of love and promise and one of my favorite holidays.  When I was a girl my mom always took me shopping for a special Easter outfit, complete with hat.  My brother, sisters and I would dye eggs the night before.  On Easter morning we had to hunt throughout the house for our Easter baskets containing some of our dyed eggs and those sugary Peeps and chocolate bunnies.  This is a tradition I passed on to my children and even today, although they are adults, I still give them Easter baskets each year. 

Eggs - Faberge eggs, to be exact.  These bejeweled treasures from Russia have fascinated me through time.  Remember those enchanted sugar eggs with little images within from when we were kids?  Those, and a lovely Christmas ornament I received from a friend a few years ago, are the closest I've come to having such a special egg.
Elton - Elton John has been an incredible talent and was a rock and roll force during my high school and college years. Hearing songs like "Daniel" and "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" transport me back to specific nights in my life.
It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside...and you can tell everybody this is your song.  Hold me closer, tiny dancer.  Count the headlights on the highway.   It seems to me you've lived your life like a candle in the wind.  Don't let the sun go down on me. So goodbye yellow brick road.  All evoke memories of  good as well as bittersweet times in my life....

Join in the fun -- start your own Encyclopedia of Moi!  This great idea was started by Shannon -- check out her entertaining encyclopedia and blog here:
Images of spring and egg are courtesy of Wikipedia.