Sunday, August 23, 2015

Key West and Hemingway's House!

Balmy breezes, crystal clear water, and Caribbean architecture beckoned us to Key West for our vacation this summer! July is hot, hot, hot there, but we planned it out so we hit the road early and hibernated in the air conditioning in the late afternoons. This was my annual "sister trip" where my two sisters -- and this time my cousin who we "adopted" as a fourth sister -- meet up to laugh and talk ourselves through a week of exploring some place different.

Check out the view from our balcony at dusk! We stayed in the Presidential Suite which was a three bedroom apartment with full kitchen, living room, dining room, and each bedroom had its own bathroom. The hotel provided a shuttle bus that took us to town and back every day!

Three of us met at the Atlanta Airport -- flying in from three different states. Then we took a plane to the Key West Airport -- so quaint! Look at the life size figures on top!
 The island's lighthouse...
One day we toured Ernest Hemingway's House -- across the street from the lighthouse. Inside were replicas and relics from his boat "Pilar."
He had many, many six-toed cats -- and their descendants still live there! Like 40-50 of them! We were allowed to pet them, talk baby talk to them, photograph them -- but not pick them up. They live the life of Riley! See the one on the pillow? I feel an affinity to six-toed cats because I had one when I was growing up. She was part Siamese and her name was Puma. She would have loved these friends!
There was a special pet cemetery on the grounds and some of the cats were named for famous people like Kim Novak, Sofia Loren, and Zane Grey.
 The fan-cooled verandas are common in the architecture there, and so welcoming on a hot day.
There was much to see there -- Hemingway's studio, gardens, and the various rooms. We really enjoyed it. I'll be back soon with more about our Key West vacation!