Thursday, October 28, 2010

For the Love of Baseball

For as long as I can remember someone in my family has been a baseball fan. When I was young, growing up in Ohio, my older brother was devoted to the Detroit Tigers. He collected baseball cards throughout his life and I remember his favorite player was Rocky Colavito. Later in life Jack opened his own sportscard and memorabilia shop. He and my dad continued their love of sports and even I have an assortment of old baseball cards.

Baseball is one of those all American games -- something we've all played in school, easy to understand, enough action that it doesn't drag (though that can be a matter of opinion, according to some of my family members), but enough lulls that you can go get a snack and not feel you missed the major game changes.

World Series fever has captured me this year. Perhaps it's because the SF Giants are so close to home, my daughters now live in San Francisco so it seems like "our team", Americans need something uplifting to watch. Regardless of who wins, both the Rangers and the Giants are coming from behind -- typical American story. So here's to mom's homemade pie and baseball!


(Note: The photo above was taken in San Francisco last weekend. We went to the mall and the line you see looping around was just to get into the SF Giants Dugout store to buy souvenir hats, jackets, and memorabilia.)

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