Saturday, November 24, 2012

I Hate Windows 8!

Someone referred to it as "dueling desktops."  Well said. 
Windows 8 has a "start" screen with big bold icons featuring more than enough of your favorite programs and some you would never want (including several commercial ones which I promptly deleted).  Not only is it visually overwhelming, but the icons are so large that you have to scroll from left to right to see them all -- an extra movement I could do without.

Then you still have your normal desktop with the smaller icons that we are all accustomed to from Windows 7 and before.  Ah, all the comforts of home!   You don't have to scroll to the side to see things, you are not blinded by the bright colors.  Much more of a "Table of Contents" approach!
Windows 8 probably works okay with touch screens, but as I scroll down the right side scroll bar of pages, I inevitably touch one of the "sensitive" areas on the screen that suddenly make the "charms" pop up, including a large date and tine block that covers 1/8th of my screen.

When I'm working on my desktop, I'm fine.  I have "pinned" my favorite programs to the bottom so I can toggle between my email and my word documents.  But it never fails -- just when I'm hitting my stride with transferring data from emails to documents, I accidentally hit one of the charms and the screen  switches to the big old START screen again. 

Extra steps, extra strokes.  Return to desktop, return to email....  I KNOW I'm using far more strokes with this blasted program than with Windows 7.

As it turns out, my daughter was quick to point out that my left click button is not working properly.  I have had this laptop for under two weeks so guess where I'm going tomorrow?  I will see if they will allow me to trade it in for a laptop with good old Windows 7 while I'm at it.  Now that would be a true lucky charm!

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