Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Left My Heart....

I love San Francisco! Fortunately it is only 90 minutes away. Here are some photos I took while there a couple weeks ago....

City Hall is beautiful, proudly carrying its gold trimmed crown. A bridal party was coming down the steps when we walked past it later.

A magnificent building near City Hall:
An interesting statue -- I intend to read more about it.... In the background you can see the advertisement for "Wicked", the play my friend and I saw while there.
My favorite time of day is dusk, and here you can see the San Francisco Bay fog rolling in, shrouding the apex of the Transamerican Pyramid. Typical summer weather -- sunny days, foggy evenings and mornings. This is not a great picture, as I had to hurry with the shot while in the midst of traffic at a stoplight.

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