Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ewww, That Smell!

It has been five days since Frosty's curiosity resulted in a dose of skunk spray on his shoulder. The odor still lingers. We had been sitting in the family room, when I first smelled eau de skunk outside. I told Ashley, "We better bring the dogs in -- I smell a skunk." Too late! They came bounding in from the backyard, the odor stronger with Frosty's entrance. It was then that Ashley noticed the lovely yellow spot on his shoulder. In high gear, Ash handed me cans of tomato soup (no tomato juice on hand) which I frantically poured over him. Meanwhile she called my friend Lynn for her special de-skunk recipe. I continued bathing Frosty (lost track of how many times) while Ash drove to the drug store for the ingredients: 1/3 hydrogen peroxide, 1/3 baking soda, and 1/3 Dawn detergent. She mixed the concoction and Frosty received two more baths with that. Fans were set into motion, scented candles lit, windows and doors opened. At least we could stand to be in the house again. The next day she took him to the groomers for their special skunk-be-gone bath and the groomer told me I was the second call in an hour asking for it. Apparently "the skunks are bad this year".

We had our carpets cleaned and deodorized yesterday. They needed it anyway, but this ordeal prompted faster action. I noticed Frosty smelled bad again yesterday and wonder if the skunks are still around the yard and he is sniffing where they have been. Once again I bathed him. Poor little guy is getting a complex.

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