Thursday, June 4, 2015

We Are Giants Fans!

There is a whole debate about using the term "Gamer Babes" to identify women (especially young women like my daughters) who are San Francisco Giants fans. Some find it "cute," some find it sexist. We find it mildly sickening, but whenever I don my orange and black scarf and baseball cap, they don their Pence and Lincecum jerseys, and we grab our rally towels and head for AT&T Park, one thing we do know -- we are Giants fans!

So that is how we spent Mother's Day this year -- at a Giants game. 
AT&T Park becons us!
 Walking over the bridge to the park... 
Love the huge mural and once you see that scoreboard, you are in game mode!
 It was a full house for Mother's Day!
 Often we are sitting in the second or even third tier, but this time we had great seats in the bottom section, overlooking the diamond where we could catch all the action easily.
Lou Seal, the Giants mascot, drove around with his "mom," tossing out goodies.
You can't beat Lou Seal as a mascot! He never speaks a word, but he has the moves! Here's a little clip of him getting his dance on with Keenan Cahill and Giants players Brian Wilson and Cody Ross: Dynamite! In case you are not familiar, Keenan Cahill has a unique story of his own. He was diagnosed with Maroteaux–Lamy syndrome and some of his lip sync videos are to promote fundraisers for his condition.

Lou Seal has been inside that 25 lb. head for many years now! Want to know more about this devoted man? Read this entertaining interview: Inside the 25 pound face!  Hey, who can't love a guy who's flirty with women of all ages!

It was fantastic, as always! Behind the Marlins many innings, and then in the last inning the Giants came through and won the game!  Whoo-hoo! Baseball season is in full swing and we're lovin' it!

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