Sunday, June 7, 2015

Encyclopedia of Moi: H

 Things that are special to me that begin with the letter "H"....

Happiness ~ One of my highest values. Life throws so many curve balls our way, and somehow we must learn to let happiness win in the long run. I've had my share of heartaches and consequent pity parties, but in the end what is our short time on this earth worth if we can not move beyond our sorrows and find the strength of spirit to allow joy to win out? Somewhere in my soul, I think those I have loved and lost would want us to live our lives joyfully as well.

Hope ~ Like happiness, hope is a choice, but makes a huge difference in how we approach life. I prefer to be an optimist, figuring God will see me through my troubles and I need to hang on to hope!


Hiking ~ One of the most marvelous things about hiking are the options available. You can select easy trails or challenging ones, nearby trails or far away adventures. Outdoors, breathing in fresh air, marveling at the details of nature -- what could be better for body, mind and soul?

Home ~ Home is our refuge from life, a place we can relax and be ourselves. My home is one of the blessings I count often in my Gratitude Journal. My kitties and doggie greet me at home after a long day, and snuggle up on my lap when I slip into my jammies and put my feet up on cozy nights. Here I can create and express my tastes. I can share belly laughs and secrets and my inner most thoughts with my family. There's no place like home.

Hawaii ~ There is something in the air of Hawaii that makes it like no other place! It's warmth, the fragrance of flowers, the soft sand beneath your feet. I love Hawaii!

Horses ~ My daughter had horses growing up. We loved them dearly. I never had horses when I was young, but rode with a friend in my 20's. We would break into a full gallop and it was exhilarating! I loved brushing Lys's horses, helping her groom them, hugging their necks, watching her ride.

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