Tuesday, June 2, 2015


From "Bloomin' Words" to "bloomin' fun," "Bloom!" was the theme for a Women's Conference I attended in April! I don't know about you, but I love to refuel my soul from time to time with some girlfriend time and healthy inspiration!

We were greeted with uplifting music, a light breakfast, and packed goodie bags. See the little package that says "BLOOM" on it above the orange juice? That unfolded to be a cute tea towel. Inside the paper bag were flower seeds, a magazine full of beauty tips, a journal and pen, snacks, a water bottle, a compact mirror, a cosmetic bag stocked with hand sanitizer, lip balm, and kleenex, and an assortment of other cards and coupons.
After some light-hearted ice breakers with the people at our tables, we broke into small groups for different classes. I attended one on "Leaving a Legacy" that was thought provoking. The speakers promoted the importance of sharing our life stories in order to help others live through their challenging experiences. Then it was on to an "Event Planning" seminar, full of good ideas. We came back to the main room for a tasty lunch and then listened to the hilarious, but motivating main speaker--author Kathi Lipp.  Kathi had us in stitches, telling stories we all could relate to, including the one where someone cut her off in line through a drive-through Starbucks on her way to church and she reacted as we all want to in such circumstances -- by yelling out the window to him, "Unbelievable! Who raised you?" The story ended with the barista telling her that the car in front of her's paid for Kathi's drinks and said to tell her they were "raised by wolves!"  I've been skimming Kathi's book "The Me Project," in hopes of finding inspiration to move forward on some projects I have in mind.
Sometimes we just need a little kick in the pants or a fresh perspective to quit procrastinating and get going on projects. Check out this quick "antiprocrastinator" site: antiprocrastinator.com

Are you ready to bloom? I am!


  1. sounds like a fun seminar! Similar here is so darn expensive that it is prohibitive to go.

    Oh... just wondering, do you still sponsor Sinya?

  2. Yes, those fat goodie bags come at a price, but did include breakfast and lunch. No, I don't sponsor Sinya any more. Do you?

    1. Just our first now... Zurura. He's back in the wild, tho he still shows up now and then.