Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Heart and Soul of Classical Music

Every morning I click on pandora.com and select the classical music station.  There is something about classical music that speaks to my soul and paints pictures of the beauty and meaning of life with strokes of melody.  I grew up taking piano lessons and learned about Bach and Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin early on. 
Beethoven's Fur Elise was one of my first more accomplished recital pieces, but I also loved his Moonlight Sonata with its melancholy and depth of emotion.
I remember creating words for the melodies I played on the piano -- songs that had no words but I could imagine running through a grassy meadow or watching birds in flight or water splashing over rocks -- all in my mind as I played the melodies.  Try it for yourself!  Put on a piece of classical music, close your eyes, and imagine a beautiful setting....
When I took Music Appreciation class in college I began attending concerts and experienced heart-wrenching and heart-inspiring symphonies first hand that reached into my soul.  Bach's Brandenburg Concertos remain some of my favorite pieces of music of all time.

My husband and I shared this love of classical music and we often listened to it on weekend mornings, attended concerts, and brought our girls up to appreciate it.  He leaned more toward Dvorak and Wagner than I did, but we both enjoyed many composers.

It was with great dismay and sadness that I learned our classical music station in Monterey, kBach, switched over to playing pop and soft rock.  It is frightening to think of classical music possibly disappearing from choices people have when they turn on the car radio.  I'm glad there is pandora and I can play the music through my car's stereo system. 

I've started playing the piano more again.  My husband bought me a beautiful baby grand piano about 20 years ago.  Both of my daughters have learned to play on it, and in our house Christmas isn't Christmas without someone sitting down to pound out a few carols!  We play a bit of everything on that piano:  Bridge Over Troubled Waters, You'll Never Walk Alone, classical music, soft rock...
                                                       ...and yes -- Heart and Soul as a duet. 

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