Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer to Fall

Beautiful weekend here!  Sunny, clear and 79 degrees.  All the windows have been flung open and I'm enjoying a gentle breeze and the sound of birds in the trees.  We have many song birds in the trees around our house.  When my sister visited once, she even asked me if I had "one of those recordings of bird songs!"   Today I decided to dress up my front door a little so hung up this pretty autumn wreath.  Just the color it needed.

Ash and Lys were home last weekend and we had such a nice time together.  Saturday night we went to Carmel and took in "Peter Pan" at the outdoor Forest Theater.  This is a family tradition that we started when the girls were young, and though we laughed that they graduated from fruit punch to glasses of wine, we still enjoy being out in the forest by the bonfires, supporting our community thespians.

They didn't allow photography during the performance, but I snapped this photo of the pirates during the pre-show songs so you capture the flavor of the night a little.
 So far September has been a wonderful month!

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  1. Fun! Our SS class goes to the local theater several times a year.