Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why I Need to Put My Laundry Away Right Away

It was just too tempting on a cold morning -- warm, folded towels, washcloths and cleaning rags, sitting in a chair, waiting to be put away.  Scarlett didn't appreciate being awoken from her nap for the picture taking as you can see from her one eye open, one eye half shut pose. 

I've been on a cleaning jag lately.  My daughters begin arriving this Thursday for in and out days up to and including Christmas, so this morning I'm sprucing up their rooms -- washing sheets and blankets, dusting and vaccuming.  Then this afternoon you'll find me back in the bonus room.

Ahh, the bonus room has been my project room way too long!  Through the years it has been a combination of the girls' play room/TV room, a home office, exercise room, scrapbooking room, and always storage room.  It has some fantastic features!  It's a room that was added on to the house, above the garage, by the previous homeowners.  You approach it via a nice stairway from the family room downstairs.  It's open, with large windows on three sides so I feel like I'm in a tree house.  It has a large walk-in closet and floor to ceiling cupboards along one wall (the fact the storage boxes still spill over into the main room is a sign I need to get rid of more stuff).  My husband's huge desk, credenza, the desk top computer and printer are the main features of one front corner.  The treadmill is in another corner. The rest of the room is up for grabs in terms of purposing.

But I have ideas!  Organizing the office area into sections for my nonprofit, volunteer projects, hobbies, and personal files is a given.  Then a hobby section where I can spread out my paper craft supplies, photos and albums, and genealogy records.  The treadmill stays and maybe that exercise corner needs enhanced with things that will inspire and make it more 'spa' like.  Do I need music there?  The entire room needs better lighting and a fresh color scheme.  There will be trips to the recycle center and Goodwill in my future.  And the room needs a new name.  I hate the name "bonus room" -- it needs to be my studio, my office, or my hobby room.  Something more definitive.

Time to get busy!

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