Monday, December 3, 2012

My New New Laptop

Quick update to the computer story--as I mentioned previously the left click button wasn't working correctly on my new laptop so I had to take it back to the store. Rather than exchange it for the exact same model, I asked if I could exchange it for something with Windows 7. Windows 8 and I were feuding, especially since I didn't have a touch screen. Well, it seems that every store in the area had Black Friday clearance sales on their laptops with Windows 7 and they flew out the doors.  No one had one anywhere! The guy at Best Buys even suggested I try Frys, and Frys was sold out of the model I wanted. After doing some research I finally found exactly what I wanted through  It has all the same larger memory, upgrades, etc. as the one I turned in, but has Windows 7. Yay-hoo!

Now I have to begrudgingly admit that Windows 8 was a little faster with the downloads.  Compared to the strokes and aggravation I save by not accidentally hitting the sensitive areas of my screen every time I move my cursor around, it's no comparison. Happy camper again!

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