Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a beautiful Memorial Day, starting with a symphony concert on the lawn of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. Above is one of the main buildings, with flags from many nations. The symphony set up to entertain...People assembled on steps, lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy the music, have a picnic, buy a hot dog or ice cream bar, and pay their respects to our Vets. It is always moving when they play the Armed Forces medley and the Vets stand up when they hear their branch's song. The audience applauds in admiration and appreciation for what they have done for our country.

At one time the NPGS was the Hotel Del Monte, complete with swimming pavilion, a lake, a golf course, tennis courts, even a race track!
The sign below states that "in it's prime, Hotel Del Monte was a 20,000 acre resort that offered athletic and scenic diversions for American presidents, world leaders, famous artists and writers, film stars and other notables." Entering the lobby...
The Lone Cypress, beloved symbol of Pebble Beach...

I love the columns, balconies and Spanish architecture.This interesting painting depicts some of the history of the Monterey Bay:

Walking up to the Ball Room...The Rose Garden is lovely...

Coming upon a peacock was a surprise.
After a few squawks, he showed off his feathers...

Although not as colorful, nature's design is as intricate in the back as the front. He was really showing off at this point -- walking in circles for all to admire from every angle!
After the concert we went to the cemetery where my late husband is buried. Peace washes over me here. There is something about the big trees, the ocean views, the historical grave sites, the uniqueness of the cemetery itself that makes me feel a bond to the earth and those who have passed on here.
The lane through the Veteran's side of the cemetery was lined with majestic flags.

This is our drive home along the Pacific Ocean.
As evening fell, the clouds quickly moved in. The picture above and the one below were taken within ten minutes of each other.

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