Friday, May 21, 2010

Put Your Lips Together... say MMMMMM. Yesterday was the last day of speech therapy for a little five year old boy I have worked with for the past two years. He has apraxia and saying his speech sounds is a challenge for him. He is very sweet and a lot of fun, and his mom is so supportive. I will really miss them, but they are moving. So in good-bye they presented me with a pink gift bag. His mom warned me that "little boy" picked out one of the gifts entirely by himself. I peaked inside: a tube of bright red lipstick! What a kick! To his five year old eyes and after two years of hearing me say, "Watch my mouth," I guess a tube of Royal Red lipstick would be what he associates with me! The staff had great fun teasing me about being perceived as "lips". Also included in the gift bag were a My Little Pony ribbon and then Mom's choice -- a generous gift card to Target. Who can't find something to buy at Target?

The best gift of all was the beautiful thank you letter they wrote, talking about how much they appreciate what I've done for "little boy," the care I show to others, and so forth. We cried and hugged when they left. Sometimes work is hard. Unfortunately we have evolved into a society of complainers, and in special education we get more than our fair share of picky parents. I wish they would realize how hard we work, how conscientious we are about helping their children, how little we are acknowledged for all that we do right. A thank you note goes such a long way in keeping us going in a positive, productive manner to help their children.

Knowing I made a difference for even one child, one family, makes it all worthwhile.


  1. adorable! I love your gifts!~ You will never be forgotten by them Brenda, and by so many others. I think of the teachers that have helped my son throughout the years and they will always hold a special place in my heart...just like you.