Sunday, January 17, 2010

Visit to Moss Landing

Inspired by the VIA magazine article, Ash and I decided to go antiquing in Moss Landing on our way to Santa Cruz last weekend. Moss Landing is very small and very rustic, but the antique shops offer something for everyone. (I used to work for the small building in the very right border of this photo above.)

The main street as you enter into town -- this is the street with the antique shops, the new post office, and a few restaurants. To the left are the power plant towers -- not pretty, but a landmark as you travel along Hwy. 1.

Each shop is unique:
Not to be missed is this antique shop with a wide variety of inventory:

Little surprises await you as you walk through town:

Beyond the picket fence are old abandoned ships and boats:

Of course, there are other pursuits besides antiquing at Moss Landing. It is home to this lovely harbor, where boats simply round the bend to slip into the Pacific Ocean. It is also home to Moss Landing Marine Laboratory, which is teaming with research -- check out their blog at Moss Landing Marine Lab.
It is also adjacent to the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Reserve. We plan to go kayaking there this year.

To really learn about this unique area, check out the Pelicannetwork!

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