Saturday, January 9, 2010

Discovering Our Own Backyards

Seldom does a day go by that a great sense of appreciation for where I live floods over me. I love Monterey Bay. Nature provides an abundance of sea and land life, and the beach nourishes my soul.

We live a stone's throw from a little historic town called Moss Landing. I love to go antiquing there. So I was excited to see this relatively unknown town featured in AAA's ViaMagazine this month.

I also learned a thing or two about this gem in my "backyard." We pass through the Elkhorn Slough regularly, enjoying the bobbing boats in the small harbor, but didn't realize there were over 340 species of animals living in the area! We've seen the harbor seals and sea lions, pelicans and cranes. Quite simply, it's beautiful!

This year we're rediscovering our area's treasures once again.


  1. I just visited Monterey Bay in November (and Santa Cruz although I've been there several times before. :)

    Thankfully my dad lives close enough to both, now I have a new place to visit-Moss City!

  2. Halys - Yes, although it is very small, it is beautiful and a relaxing place to walk around. We want to take a boat around the Elkhorn Slough this spring.

    Classy Woman - The best thing to do in Moss Landing (when you come back) is go antiquing and enjoy lunch at The Whole Enchilada! :) Love your site, BTW!