Friday, November 27, 2009

Smacked by a Random Act of Kindness!

It was one of those days. Last weekend Ash was diagnosed with not one, but two, DVT's. What a shock. Only 22 years old and very health conscious (eats right, exercises regularly, doesn't smoke), we figured she had pulled a muscle exercising. The doctors said, "What an interesting case!" (she's not amused). So this week turned into a whirlwind of doctor visits, lab tests, and pharmacy runs. This morning we made the trek back over to the hospital lab for another blood test, then stopped in downtown Monterey to get some special supplies she needed at the medical supply store. It had started raining and when we got back to the car I looked over and realized my front tire was almost flat. Argh!

Driving ever so slowly until we found a station with 'air' (had to pay a buck for air!), I squatted in the rain and inflated the tire. Got back in the car and Ash said, "Mom, what happened to your hand?" Blood was dripping down the back of it. I must have cut it on something fiddling around with the air machine. Fortunately one of the things I stocked up on at the med supply shop was bandaids, so I slapped one of those on it.

We decided after a morning like this we deserved Starbucks. There is a drive-through Starbucks on the way home so we got in line and put in our drink order -- then as an after thought decided to order a couple of blueberry muffins, too. Why not splurge -- Ash had been through the mill this week!

When we pulled up to the window to retrieve our order the cashier said, "The lady in the car in front of you wanted to spread some holiday cheer -- she has paid for your entire order!"

What a lovely surprise! I don't know when the last time was that we were on the receiving end of such a kind deed by a stranger! I wanted to cry. It made me realize that we are all just people, each dealing with our own set of problems and set backs. We need to be kind to one another. We don't always know what is going on in one another's lives, but we can be kinder and gentler to our fellow travelers on this earth.

The least I can do to repay that lovely lady is to hop on board and spread the holiday cheer she started! So here is the challenge (and feel free to comment on it here, if you like): Find at least one person this week, preferably a stranger, and do a random act of kindness.

Happy Holiday Season indeed!

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