Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jeans, Wires, and Nerves

Thursday I was listening to my favorite radio station on my way to work when they announced they were having a contest. The fourth person to call in with the correct answer to the following question would win two tickets to see THE FRAY in San Francisco.

Listen to them here:

Not that I really believe in luck, I have designated four as my lucky number over the years, and as soon as the DJ's announced the question I had this premonition I would win. This has happened to me a few times in my life -- these premonitions -- usually associated with something magical or exciting happening, or winning something. Very strange. Anyway, the question was....

What do jeans, wires, and nerves have in common?

Know the answer? I had my blue tooth on so dialed in with one-hand, and the line was busy. Pushed the off button and immediately hit redial and the next thing I knew they were saying, "Hi, you're our fourth caller! Who do we have on the line?" They repeated the question and I said, "Things that are frayed!" "That's right!" They took my address and now 2 tickets are coming my way in the mail!

Winning two things in one week, I have to ask: Is there something to that "luck o' the Irish" saying?!

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