Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Loving Memory -- Finding Joy in Everyday

We write our own autobiographies. Some chapters are harder than others. Sometimes we can't even make sense of the plot.

Two weeks ago the unthinkable happened. Two of my nephews were killed in a car accident. Our entire family was shocked and devastated. Like lightning striking twice, my sister had lost her daughter in a car accident just two years ago. Now all three of her children were gone. I went to her house and spent 10 days of life-in-slow-motion with her. There is that sense that life is not for wimps -- we have to be brave. Now home again, back at work, I'm trying to figure out what to take from this. My sister has incredible faith in God. The boys had a real gusto for living. My other nephew talked about their living lives with no regrets -- they lived each day to the fullest.

I know one thing. Life is meant to be lived with joy. So much beauty surrounds us. Kind people abound. You can usually find something to smile at every day. So today I will admire the changing sky as the sun rises, enjoy the grins of the children I work with, and say something positive to the people whose paths I cross. Faith, gusto, and joy -- rich lessons to learn in life.

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