Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lifting the Blog Fog

Starting a blog is something I've been wanting to do for quite some time now. A place to write thoughts, record history as I travel through it, post some pictures -- and be able to reflect back on things that have impacted my life.

Why "Plant a Book"? Through the WH Memorial Plant-a-Book Project, my daughters and I have been able to plant books in the hands of impoverished children and foster a love of literacy. Wayne had loved books and gardening, so establishing this project was a way to remember him and do something to help others in his name. Wayne had his doctorate in psychology and saw good in every child he met. It seemed fitting that our daughters (who also love books) and I would carry on with planting a garden of books in his honor. Through his memorial Plant-a-Book project we have provided books to children attending Galilee Primary School in Kenya, Orphan Sponsorship International's orphanage library in Sri Lanka, and Candlelight School in Kenya. Fanuel, the Director of Galilee Primary School, named the school's library after my late husband -- a moving tribute.

Books have always been important to me. In the family album is a picture of me at age three, wearing a sagging diaper and studying an encyclopedia. I learned to read before I started school, and remember one hot summer in Southern California when my friend Carmen and I walked to the library every chance we could, lugging home stacks of mysteries and historical romances. To this day, I always need a book to turn to at day's end.

So begins my blog.... Turning the page on a new chapter.

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