Saturday, July 11, 2015

Going in Style!

Last weekend, while in San Francisco, my daughters and I took in the High Style exhibit, from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, at the Legion of Honor Museum.  What a treat! Historical, fascinating, gorgeous gowns were on display. Come along -- I'll give you a taste of what we savored....
 We began with a gown in the Victorian period, wtih high neck and lots of lace...
 This gown was unique...
 Flappers were also represented....
 Love the detail on the skirt of the pink dress -- scalloping, beads, lace...
 If we thought shoes now days were unique, you should have seen the wild heels on display!
 ...and if someone has lots of shoes, well, they simply need a large traveling case for them!
  From all covered up in the Victorian period, to revealing shoulders and necks --
 it all reminded me a bit of the changes we see in fashion through Downton Abbey.
 These were simply gorgeous gowns, fit for a red carpet.
 Oh-la-la -- pants arrived on the scene in a glamous way.
 So pretty in pink...
 Animal prints may have come into style in recent years, but they were also stylish in the late 40's.  This gown was known as "The Tigress."
 Recognize this period?  The 50's, of course! 
These are the kinds of dresses my mom would have worn.
 More 50's...
 Bathing suits became more flattering and fashionable...  Isn't this darling?
 Extreme run-way styles, the polka dot number on the left is from the 1960's
 and the big flowers are from the 1980's.
  We all fell in love with this little black number -- something that could be worn today.
 We tried to figure out how a person would sit in this gown. Notice there is a layer of brown below the pink and black lace layer. It's all constructed with wires.
 Va-va-voom! This gown was highly structured and quite involved in its "architecture," 
but isn't it to die for, dahling?
Hope you enjoyed taking this little museum tour. It was fun seeing it all again! 


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