Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Night at Opera in the Park

Hope all my American friends had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I certainly did! I spent the weekend in San Francisco with my daughters, and we started celebrating Friday evening with the Opera at the Park performance. Each year the San Francisco Opera partners with the Giants baseball team to live stream one of their performances from the SF Opera House to the AT&T ball park for free, so everyone can enjoy it. There is something about sitting outside, overlooking the bay, watching the birds, eating hot dogs and fries, and listening to fabulous music as dusk settles in. This year they performed The Marriage of Figaro, and it was charming! The acting and singing were impeccable. You can read all about it here:
Opera at the Park

If you want to hear a little of the enchanting musica (I'm sure you will recognize some of the melodies, especially if you have ever watched the movie "Amadeus"), click here:
Highlights from Marriage of Figaro

Speaking of "Amadeus," if you have never seen it, well then you simply must spend a wonderful summer evening doing so! Fascinating storyline, gorgeous costumes, and soul-tingling music.

Here was our view:
And if it seems a little far away, it was actually considered very good seating, and they have television screens overhead, as well. Thankfully, subtitles were provided.

Wish you could have all been along in my coat pocket.  Maybe next summer! Stay tuned for more pictures of my weekend in the city -- I have an exciting surprise post coming that I know you'll love!



  1. Sounds fun! I'd love to go to an opera performance at the opera house. Go the whole nine yards with it!

    1. Me, too! My husband and I went to the opera in LA, but I haven't been to the SF Opera House yet. My daughters and I have it on our list to do!