Friday, February 28, 2014

Sutro Library

Recently I drove up to the Sutro Library on the SFSU campus to do some genealogy research.  What a great place!  It proudly boasts that they have the finest genealogical collection west of Salt Lake City, and it was impressive!  There were books on family names, books on counties, books on states, books on history....  I found so many great clues to our family history and some research I'm doing for others.  I loved the feel of thick paper in fragile bindings.  The names... so old-fashioned and charming.  I can't wait to spend time there again.
 The views of the campus were beautiful from the bright windows!  

It would be easy to spend days there, researching family lines.  Of course, the best part was having dinner with my daughters after they got off work that evening!

Now we are having stormy weather in California.  The wind blew and the rain pounded last night, causing my dogs to bark as they heard branches bounce against the fence boards.  Parts of the roads are flooded, causing lane closures and slow moving traffic.  Still we need the rain, so it is hard to complain.

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