Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pasatiempo Golf and Country Club, Santa Cruz, with Pacific Ocean in background
Sorry for the silence. I've been very busy so far this year so my blogging time has taken a hit. To give a sample of what's been filling my time...
~ I completed two online genealogy courses with my sister Chris and we are now certified Volunteer Field Genealogists. We still don't have our bearings in some daunting areas of that field, but it is a little like being a private investigator into a family's past. I'm actually helping 2-3 people complete their papers for the DAR.
~ Working out 3-4 times a week at the gym on way home from work.
~ Taking Frosty to the vet for his final check ups-- he has a clean bill of health at last and his mouth is back to as normal as it's going to get (his jaw will never fit the same so he "eats funny.").
~ All the hustle and bustle of setting up new annual records for the nonprofit organization I run.
~ Attending meetings and coffee claches with friends and fellow community service organizers.
~ Phone time with my daughters and sisters because it's the next best thing to being there.
~ All those mundane things -- car serviced, annual physical, house cleaning.
~ Working on taxes - blech!
~ Driving up to the beautiful Pasatiempo Golf and Country Club with a friend for a lunch meeting, stopping to visit a couple of other friends on the way home.
~ Work, work and more work at the school where I -- oh, yes, that word again -- work.
~ Reading.
~ And yes, a little unwinding time with the Beatles Special, Downton Abbey, and the Olympics!

Today I'm driving up to the city and visiting the Sutro Library's genealogy section.  I'm still trying to find my great-great grandpa.  Then it's dinner with my daughters when they get off work this evening!

I have this week off work and it's splendid to have the extra time!  I'll check in again soon!  Hope you are having a wonderful month of L-O-V-E.

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