Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December!

It's here again!  That most wonderful time of the year!  Christmas lists are being exchanged, I have a very special Christmas project underway (shhhh--it's a secret!), and this morning we reveled in the last of the Thanksgiving Day leftovers.  My daughters have been home since Thanksgiving, and since I was waylaid with a bad cold, they did all of the cooking for the holiday.  (My sister told me she will have to remember that one for next year -- haha!) 

Friday afternoon I was conveniently fortunately feeling a little bit better so we ventured out to Del Monte Center to see Catching Fire.  The decorations were hung on every store front and the Black Friday shoppers were out in full force. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and many shoppers sported their short sleeved shirts. 
  There was even a terrific blues band playing on the mall.
Yesterday afternoon we drove to Carmel to do a little shopping at The Crossroads and then took a drive to see the lights on the storefronts and trees along Ocean Avenue in downtown Carmel.  When my girls were growing up we had a calendar chocked full of Christmas events, like the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Carmel, so I take advantage of these little moments when they are home to capture the essence of Christmas when I can!  

One of my major accomplishments for November was finishing my book!  I completed the NANOWRIMO contest and will now let the novel sit in a drawer for a couple of months before editing.  It felt wonderful to claim the winner certificate.
 Yes, the busy month of December has arrived.  Enjoy it in all its glory and busyness!

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