Friday, August 9, 2013

New England Trip - Goodbye to Mystic

Just a few more pictures for you of our trip to Mystic, Connecticut.  We ended our day there by visiting the Mystic Seaport Village. It's a village with all the shops and typical homes that would have been found in a 19th century seaport town.  Like our trip to Williamsburg last year, the heat and humidity can zap the joy out of fully exploring a village like this, but we saw several shops and homes and when the heat got to us, we took refuge in the general store with its great gift shop and cold drinks.
An old-fashioned church...
 Typical home
 They had just finished baking a cake in this open fireplace.
 My sister Linda is pretending to be a grouchy mom washing my hair.  (I got to be the little brat!)
We always have fun with these silly things!
Also included in our day was a ride over to neighboring town Stonington, CT where my sister's son was married quite a few years ago in this church.  New England is full of pretty church steeples!
Stonington is a quaint town with lots of pretty, old houses.  Our imaginations were captivated by this unique house -- I'm just going to have to write a mystery novel based on this house! 
Here's to happy endings!

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