Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Blogoversary!

Yesterday was my Blogoversary, meaning I've been adding to this drivel for 4 years now -- some months more consistently than others. I'm still not sure of the point of blogging -- to journal, to record history, to share, to reach out to the world in some way, to allow introspection and unloading of words and emotions. I'm not great at it. There are many other bloggers out there that are incredibly witty and entertaining. Some have A PURPOSE. Some produce works of art and photography. Some have blogs to make money. I've noticed recipes, gardening and home decor are popular, as are oodles of pictures of people's children to share with their family and friends.

Mine is a hodgepodge of life as it comes to me. No theme. Just my crazy assortment of experiences and interests and thoughts. And maybe that's why I blog. So much of what I do is not tangible so recording it here makes it...real!

So onward toward year FIVE of me Bloomin' Words

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