Sunday, February 13, 2011

Low Tech meets High Tech

I've always been a pen and paper kind of girl. Growing up I loved writing poems and stories, had several pen pals and always kept a diary. As an adult visiting a stationery store is like going in a candy shop. I swoon over the exquisite note cards, the pretty wrapping paper, the elegant writing paper. For many years now I've kept a Day Planner. My last binder had become frayed and worn so my daughters gave me a beautiful sleek red and cream colored one for Christmas this past year. I love it and it commands compliments where ever I go! Making my daily to-do list keeps me focused on the priorities in my life. Jotting notes as I talk to people on the phone keeps reference information at my fingertips. Checking off what I've done during the day provides a sense of accomplishment.

Enter the iPhone. I was overdue for a new cell phone -- in fact my old one was developing some quirks. So when Verizon announced the arrival of iPhone in their lineup of smart phones, I decided to treat myself to the latest in technology. It took me a couple hours to figure it all out, download the additional apps I wanted, enter contacts and set up some passwords. But wow! Having a cell phone, GPS navigation system, the internet, and a calendar all in your pocket is amazing!

I have no intention of sacrificing my Day Planner's calendar and to-do list for the iPhone's version, though. For one thing, it takes awhile to type something on the itty-bitty keyboard of the iPhone with my fat fingers (though I'm getting much better). Secondly, I believe in good old-fashioned paper and pen for when batteries go dead or electricity fails. But most importantly, I would miss that feeling of ink scribbling across smooth paper, seeing handwriting and colored inks and a year spread out before me at a glance, and knowing it is my own hand that is creating my life.

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