Friday, August 6, 2010

July Jubilee

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, hence my absence from blogging. I wrapped up team-teaching summer school and embarked on a road trip to my dad's house. We had one of the best visits ever together. I'm not sure what made it so special to me. Just the two of us -- the quiet conversations, the mulling over keepsakes he wanted to give to my sisters and me, the mutual enjoyment of the Tour de France on TV, the drives through old familiar streets. Perhaps it is knowing that he will soon turn 88 years old and I know I need to cherish each day I get to spend with him, savor each word of wisdom he shares. I watched his eyes a lot. They are full of love, hope, sadness all at once. It makes me cry just to think about time marching on.

One of the drives we especially enjoyed was along beautiful Victoria Avenue -- orange groves and magnolia trees brought memories flooding back. I practiced driving on this road when I had my learner's permit.
Magnolia trees grace the avenue, as well as the variety of palm trees and orange groves.Palm trees tower over orange groves in some sections.When I was growing up there was an orange grove across the street from our house. It looked much like this photo below.
The smell of orange blossoms is heavenly.
While development has meant sacrificing orange groves for houses, Riverside created a Citrus Park dedicated to the importance of the orange industry in Southern California.
Long rows of palm trees beckon one in.
One day we went to a Bird Farm that my dad said he always wanted to visit. Talking parrots, finches, toucans, and several other species of birds greeted us.

These baby parrots...
...will grow up to look like this:
The owners claim that parakeets still make the best bird pet!
Mid-week we packed up my car and Dad rode back with me to my house. My sisters and nieces flew in a couple of days later, creating a houseful! Lively discussions, joking around, sight-seeing here, there, and everywhere ensued.

No sooner did company leave then it was time to start shopping and packing for my daughters move to San Francisco this month! So I promise to update photos here shortly. It's been a memorable summer and more special moments are yet to come.


  1. Wow! You have been busy! But a very good busy it seems to have been.

  2. Teri, you're right. It has been a good busy. I've been able to spend quality time with some of the most important people in my life this summer -- can't beat that. P.S. I enjoy your site so much and marvel at how much you accomplish each week. My personal projects have been on hold the last few weeks, but by the end of the month I may be looking to you for inspiration. Cheers!