Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

I love the color blue. And some shades of green, but not yellow-green. And I love the colors blue and green together. They remind me of the folding privacy screen I was given in high school to decorate my room. I painted the frame a glossy dark green and then glued blue and green paisley fabric to the inside panels (circa 1969). It looked groovy, and I marvel at my mom allowing me such artistic expression since the screen had come from her brother's guest house. (Imagine this screen in blue and green paisley .)The swirls of paisley print are pretty.
I also love the colors blue and brown together. Like a Brownie uniform.

Blue and gold look pretty together. My bathroom is blue and gold. My bedroom has wallpaper of silvery blue and green ribbons intertwining in a diamond pattern, white flowers with gold centers weaving their way through. Not everyone likes wallpaper, but I fell in love with this pattern when we moved into the house. It's been there for years as it was there before we moved in, and from time to time I dab wallpaper glue on the little spots I see curling back from the wall. You may hear me whispering to the flowers, don't go yet.

Then, too, I love lavendar. And pink. And deeper shades of plum and purple. Throw in some bold colors, like red or orange with soft colors and it makes for an interesting palette. My friend has a red and purple scarf and who would have guessed how striking it can be? (No, she's not a member of the Red Hat Society.)

So when I sat down at my computer to update my blog and discovered the background I had painstakingly chosen from The Cutest Blog on the Block had disappeared, I was so disappointed. It would be like walking into my bedroom and finding the wallpaper missing.

I clicked on the wonderful sites of free blog backgrounds from The Cutest Blog and Shabby Blogs and got lost in a sea of colors and themes. There are some beautiful choices, but nothing quite fits the way my old one did.

I'm a romantic. I don't like cutsie and I don't like flashy. Soft and pretty is best for me. The blog background should not call attention to itself, but frame the words and photos we upload. As my mom always said, you should wear the dress, the dress shouldn't wear you.

So my blog may go through a metamorphosis for a few days until I settle on something comfortable, a decor I can live with. Pardon me while I color my world.

Update: I think I found it! I love this background of blue, purple and gold swirls. Thanks to Aqua Poppy Designs for sharing their beautiful blog backgrounds.

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