Monday, April 5, 2010

Petroglyphs - revisited

Celebrating Lys's birthday in March was fun! After finding some more photos of our special day, I had to go back and repost this blog entry -- hence the name Petroglyphs - revisited!

We started Lys's birthday at the Santa Cruz Harbor, enjoying a wonderful lunch overlooking the boats and snapping pics of a cute otter who was playing in the water outside our window. A couple of large brown pelicans also kept us entertained.

The restaurant treated Lys to a mug full of candy as a birthday treat!
From there we went downtown to a fun place called Petroglyph. To jog your ancient history class memories, a petroglyph is a form of prehistoric rock writing. There were rows of unfinished pots and vases and ceramic boxes to choose from. We each selected a piece to finish, grabbed some sponges and laid claim to a work table.

Next we needed to select our paints and brushes, stencils, pencils and anything else needed to create our works of art.
Our work in progress! What a relaxing and fun way to spend the afternoon! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Once we completed painting our pieces the rest was up to the shop! The shop would fire them in the kiln and we would pick them up a few days later. They now grace our home!

Looking forward to doing that again and the birthday girl had a great time!

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