Sunday, April 18, 2010

Introducing Penny!

Meet Penny -- a baby mini-lop rabbit that my daughter has adopted. Actually someone needed a home for her and Lys, animal lover that she is, couldn't resist. Having a rabbit is a new experience for her, but fortunately we know a couple of people who have had rabbits that are giving us good advice. That is a pink striped hammock you see in the background of the picture above and a fun little ball with a bell in it for her to play with. She picks it up and tosses it!
Penny is adorable -- sweet and friendly and very soft. She loves to cuddle, but can also be playful. She will be an indoor bunny. After Lys brought her home Friday night, we made a trip to Petsmart for a few supplies. We lucked out as one of the store clerks is involved in rabbit rescue and has pet rabbits herself. In fact, she has harnessed trained one of them so she can take it for walks on the beach and carry it in her purse. I had no idea that bunnies could be litter box trained and treated much like a cat. (Except they hop so fast!)
Of course, our dogs Chaucer and Uncle Frosty don't know what to think of her yet. Initially they were quite wound up about her presence in the house, but seem to be ignoring her better today. We put them out in the backyard when we take Penny out of her cage to stretch her legs.

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