Thursday, February 4, 2010

Missing Cookie

We lost our beloved cat Cookie in January. She was actually my daughter's cat and we had her since she was a newly-weaned kitten -- 13 years. Cookie was mischievous, very social and playful. We miss her greeting when we walk in the door, her cuddling up on our laps, and her sly looks at us when she got into trouble and "didn't want to hear about it". She'd been in and out of the vet office mid January, getting IV fluids and tests run. After spending a couple nights at the animal hospital, our vet suggested we bring her home for the weekend and see if her familiar environment would help her perk up. She seemed happy to be home, but became lethargic again very quickly. We knew it was time to say goodbye.

Cookie, like all of our pets, was a part of our family and it was so hard to let go. I'm so glad that we were able to spend the years we did with her.

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