Thursday, February 18, 2010

Japanese Tea Garden

Our last stop at Golden Gate Park that beautiful Sunday was for a walk through the Japanese Tea Gardens.

We all love the steep arched bridges, but how did the people get up there?

By climbing very carefully ~

The tea house where you can sip and enjoy the view ~
We met a friendly critter along the path ~
It does my soul good to be out among nature. Somehow taking pictures as I explore new places or revisit old haunts seems to give me a new appreciation for what is there, forces me to stop and smell the roses (or fill my sense of sight with eye candy), and consider what is esthetically and meaningfully important to my world. My camera has joined my journal as one of my favorite tools in life!


  1. Lovely! I'm working my rocky, sloped yard into a Japanese garden look. There's a style that is less formal such as the areas around the lake you visited. That's what I want. Thanks for posting the photos!

  2. It was so serene! Hope you post some pictures on your blog when you finish your garden -- would love to see it. Enjoy the process!