Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life!

Christmas Eve we attended the Candlelight Program at church. The service consisted of several congregational carols, musical performances, and an inspiring talk by the pastor. Then a flame was passed from one candle to the next, up one row and down another, until the church was lit with the beauty of all holding their candles high as we sang Silent Night and Joy To The World. It was beautiful!

This morning I am the first one up in my household. Some quiet time to reflect on our Christmas. Gifts to open from my daughters and far-away sisters. Smiles and sounds of delight with the unwrapping of each present. Cooking and setting the table and the flavors blending as we loaded our plates. Phone calls to family in other states. A new puzzle spread out on the card table while we reminisced. Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream in the evening while we played games. It was a sweet Christmas.

Five days left of 2009. I looked at my new year's resolutions from last year -- I hit several, some were missed. Maybe the important ones were accomplished, though. The one relating to having more patience, for example. And while we strive to improve ourselves, our lives, our health, our homes, I need to remember to be thankful for what I have that is right in my life now. We've been blessed. It is a wonderful life.

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