Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Enjoying the Spirit of the Holidays

Do we 'get it'? A couple of days ago I was stressing. How would everything get done before December 25? This morning I woke up and reminded myself that I will get a lot more done if I am relaxed and enjoy the process. I realize that things won't be done 'ahead of schedule' as the born organized people recommend. It might be 5:00 December 24, but they will get done. Included in my list of still needing done are:

1. Finish shopping for my girls
2. Finish my dad's custom Christmas gift
3. We have our artificial tree up in the living room, but we really wanted a small real tree in the family room -- we were all too sick to get one last week. So we'll carve out time to get one and decorate it in the next couple of days.
4. Gifts to wrap
5. Cookies to bake
6. The home office that I had started reorganizing looks like a disaster zone -- I had to stop in the middle of clearing out cabinets and the storage closet due to major life events. Now it is half done and in boxes and piles all over the place! I wanted to have it done before my dad arrived, but since he arrives tonight he will get to share in the joy of the process. ;)

Sometimes just making the list helps bring order and calm as you realize it is possible to do it. Plus I'm off work after tomorrow for two weeks break.

Enjoying the holidays is not just about tearing into gifts on Christmas morning and eating a dinner you slaved over. It is about the fun of anticipating the looks on loved ones faces when they see the effort you put in to finding something just right for them, or laughing and reminiscing as you roll out the cookie dough or cut up the vegetables. It is finding pleasure in tying an especially pretty bow on a package, and taking a plate of cookies to the neighbors.

So from now on, no stress -- just enjoying the moments one by one.

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