Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Yard Sale Drum Roll

Last Saturday morning arrived with that frenzied feeling -- we got to get moving! Thanks to Lys and her boyfriend, we managed to get all the stuff hauled out to the driveway by starting time for the neighborhood yard sale. Only a few early birds had to be shooed away. It was cold and drizzly, and despite the fact I continued cleaning the garage throughout the morning, I was still freezing! First I tried to get by with a sweater, then a light jacket, but by mid-day had to resort to my winter jacket.

People weren't spending. They would pick up and set down items that I had priced ridiculously low ($1.00 or even 50 cents), and then walk away. The tough economy has taken its toll even on the yard salers. We tried to read between the lines of the comment made by two women who said our sale was the best one in the neighborhood -- the only one they actually "got out of the car for". Did that mean we had the most junk, the weirdest stuff, the most attractive items, or what? We didn't want to think too hard on it....

We were pleased with our final total of $288 -- a third of which was Lys's for horse stuff she sold. We threw old curry combs, lead lines, and suds scrapers in buckets and sold them for $5 each. Outside of an old guitar I sold to a musician in a local band, nothing big sold. At 2:30 the guys from Good Will came by and I was happy to see a lot of clutter loaded into the truck. Lys and Josh patiently carried back upstairs the large doll house, craft table, and leather chair that didn't sell and I am not ready to just donate.

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