Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Fever - Literally

Spring break has arrived and I have the week off work. Had a wonderful weekend this past weekend until Sunday night when a cold hit me full force. I sneezed a lot on Sat. afternoon, but had chocked it up to allergies as we were among wildflowers much of the day. Monday I ran a temperature and spent most of the day on the couch, dozing off and on. I'm afraid I wasn't much company for my dad on his last day here (he went home yesterday).

Saturday, after visiting the San Juan Bautista Mission, we drove on to Gilroy where we stopped at Barnes and Noble (so Ashley could get some books she needed for her dissertations) and then had lunch. From there we went to San Jose to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium. Especially interesting is their replica of an underground tomb to meander through, the reproduction of King Tut's coffin, and actual artifacts from senet games (the precursor to backgammon) and papyrus for writing.

Entrance to the museum and King Tut's coffin replica:

Easter morning came and everyone was treated to an Easter basket -- no matter how old you are at my house, the Easter bunny always remembers you! Even my dad had a basket with a box of See's chocolates in it!

The girls helped me cook and we fixed a roast beef dinner (Lys made her banana bread). After dinner, we took flowers to Wayne's grave at the cemetary in downtown Monterey.
We came back home to a sight! On the family room floor were yellow scraps of paper, chocolates and brown candy holders. Dad had nibbled on his Easter candy and left the See's candy box on the end table next to a chair. This was just too much temptation for Chaucer and Frosty, who had apparently jumped on the chair, knocked the box off, nosed around until they got the tightly-fitted lid off the box (they are more industrious than I thought), and had indulged in half a box of candy.

We all converged on the scene, scolding the dogs, opening the door to put them out in the backyard, while trying to clean up the mess, worried that they had ingested chocolate to begin with (which is poisonous to dogs), sorry that Dad was missing out on a fine box of chocolates. I looked out the back door at the dogs standing on the deck and realized their tails were happily wagging and they both looked like they were smiling -- because they each had a big piece of chocolate in their mouths! More scolding ensued as the girls went out and did a tug-a-war with them to get them to forfeit those last two chocolates they possessed. So ended our Easter Sunday.

P.S. The dogs are fine.

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