Saturday, April 11, 2009

Houseful of Company :)

Ash has been home for the last couple of weeks and it's been wonderful! In preparation of her move back to California from England, she lugged a suitcase full of books home -- her most prized possessions (what do you expect from an English and History major). We've had some great talks. The older my daughters get, the more we seem to talk about -- from jokes to relationships to philosophies of life to religion to the latest headlines to plain ol' girl talk (fashion, guys, etc.). I'm also amazed at how grounded my daughters seem to be, with a good balance of practical common sense and never-let-your-dreams-die ideology. I'll post pictures later of last weekend's day in Monterey and Pacific Grove.

Dad came in Weds. night and is staying through the weekend. Always good to see him! Last night we watched the movie "Run, Fatboy, Run" which we got a kick out of. Since he used to run marathons, he seemed to enjoy it.

Lys and her boyfriend are on a 14 mile hike in Santa Cruz with a group today -- heading from the hills to the beach. I think Ash, Dad, and I are going to head to a mission for a tour, maybe up to San Jose to a museum -- playing it by ear.

Need to make a trip to the grocery store soon because I heard the Easter bunny is coming to town tomorrow. Never too old for Easter baskets!

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