Sunday, February 8, 2009

Passions and Purposes

For many years now I have been involved in helping children around the world who live in abject poverty. It started with a little girl named Shagitu who lived in Ethiopia. Over and over I read about the horrific drought in Ethiopia, saw pictures of the boney arms and hallow eyes of those who were starving. I found that through child sponsorship (Shagitu was through Christian Children's Fund) I was empowered to help at least one child, rather than shrug my shoulders and feel it was too overwhelming a task and what could I do. Through internet friendships with other child sponsors I soon became involved with a school called Galilee Primary School in Kenya. One of the most exciting events in my life was traveling to Africa in 2007 and visiting the school and meeting my sponsored children face to face. There my heart broke as I saw first hand just how dramatic the poverty is in which they exist day after day. Compassion International also has a child sponsorship program, as well as a writing buddy program, and I have writing buddies through them in Indonesia, Bolivia, and Tanzania. Here is a wonderful photo gallery of just how much our letters mean to these impoverished children, who hang by a thread to friendship and hope. I consider helping needy children in this world one of my true passions and purposes in life.

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