Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beautiful Day!

Some days you wake up with a plan and the day unfolds with beautiful unexpected delights. I had decided to get up and go to the early church service. Life had gotten so busy that I was neglecting that aspect of my life and knew I needed to get back in the groove. I was looking forward to the drive along the Pacific Ocean on the way, and hoping the sermon would speak to my heart.

The bulletin announced a special afternoon class on the role of church, Bible study, and prayer, so I decided I would attend that as well. I had some time between the end of the church service and the luncheon/afternoon class, so headed to the beach -- only a couple miles away from the church. It was a glorious day and walking along the bluff, listening to the crashing waves and squawking seagulls, was simply the perfect way to spend the rest of my morning.
At the end of the fishing pier is an old concrete freighter: The Palo Alto. Making a ship out of concrete makes no sense to me, so I had to do a little reading about it here.
See those stairs? There are many flights from the upper bluff level and the lower beach level. It's a great way to get in shape!
It was a wonderful day. Felt inspired, gained great ideas, and met some new people.

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