Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ash's Birthday!

We celebrated my daughter Ash's birthday earlier this month, quietly but enjoyably, with lunch and a movie.  She seemed delighted with the gifts her sister and I bestowed upon her.  Don't you love this pretty green and purple paper?  I just happened to have a chartreuse ribbon that matched the background!  After stumbling upon a blog with some terrific gift wrapping ideas -- A Gift Wrapped Life -- I've been inspired to ramp up my wrapping skills.  It's fun to give gifts that are so lovely the recipient can barely bring herself to unwrap them!  I love all things PAPER, do you?  Once Ash managed to tug the ribbon and paper off this present, she discovered a hard cover copy of her favorite book of all time -- a book I just happened to find (or did it find me?) on the local library's sale rack just a few days before her birthday:  Dostoyevsky's "The Brother's Karamazov."

One of our thrills was discovering a game on a shelf at Game Stop with the copy material Ash provided for the packaging.  As a writer she has written manuals and marketing materials for gaming companies, among many other specialty niches.  So proud of her!  So glad she had a happy birthday!

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