Saturday, February 16, 2013


Thrilled to learn that "Wicked" was back on stage at the beautiful Orpheum Theater in San Francisco, I picked up tickets for my daughters and me to go!   I saw it a couple of years ago with a friend, but it was a first for Ash and Lys.  So a couple of Sundays ago, I drove up and we headed downtown.
The Orpheum Theater is a beaut!  It opened in 1926 and is a dazzling example of French Gothic architecture.  It's enjoyable just to sit back before the play starts and study the carvings on the walls and beautiful inlaid ceiling.  The picture below doesn't show all the elaborate detail.

The production of "Wicked" was even better than I remembered. The singing was spectacular!  Here is a sample of the songs and storyline:
Scenes from Wicked

I marvel at how actors in theater productions perform the same show over and over but still manage to make each performance fresh and give it their all.  This was no exception. 

We topped off our day by heading to Ghiradelli Square after the show, enjoying the site of Alcatraz Island in the distance at dusk, and sharing stories over hot fudge sundaes. 
 Lovely day!

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